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Objectives of the Academy

  • To encourage female professional education.
  • To help students to develop awareness about health and illness , advanced medical care and social responsibility.
  • To help students to acquire basic knowledge and skills of the nursing profession scientifically in a technically advanced way and to render integrated care to the patients.

Philosophy of the academy

  • Modern nursing is a dynamic, therapeutic and educative process in meeting the health needs of the individual , family and the community.
  • Nursing is the only health profession that considers the individual as an integrated person in a family with all his physical , psychosocial , intellectual and spiritual dimensions.
  • Nursing is a health directed profession in which the learners are assisted through a planned programme of studies towards self development along with application of knowledge , skill and attitude which would enable them to function as competent professional nurses.


East West Education Institute shall strive to bring the highest Quality of Healthcare, comparable to the best in the world, to its beneficiaries including the poor, the unfortunate and the underserved.

It shall also strive to make the stressful period of studying medicine a more memorable one with the use of innovative and modern methods of education through Audio visual aids. We shall groom the Nursing student into a complete Nurse with compassion and humanity, armed with a plethora of knowledge and skills to stand out with pride amongst the health serving fraternity.


The East West Education Institute shall aim to develop into a Premier Nursing Institution in the country. Its vision to impart a very High Quality of Integrated Nursing Education with a view to develop smart young Nurses with excellent theoretical knowledge, Clinical skills and impeccable patient communication and bedside manners so that they stand out as bright, disciplined medical professionals having a compassionate zeal and helpful attitude and the human touch which is far from the commercialized practitioner we come across these days.